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Our Orphanage History

We remember our humble beginning...

In the year 1984, the founder of Love and Care Children Home, Dr. John Arul was ministering in Viene Flats, LeonDistrict, Southern France. A French man, named William Dambrey, came to one of Pastor Arul’s meetings and was touched by the Lord through the preaching of the Word by him. He attended the meetings for two more days till it ended. He went back as a transformed man from a robber to a child of God. From France he moved to Belgium and lived in a mobile house making living selling peanut sweets. After nine years, he remembered Rev. John Arul and made efforts to contact him. Miraculously God made a way and he found out Pastor Arul’s phone number and came to India to meet him. While he was in India, he bought an acre of land in a remote village and gifted one portion of the land to Pastor Arul’s family and donated the other portion for the orphanage. This land which was originally a cow shed was modified into a two bedroom and one kitchen home to give shelter to about 50 children. Since it was surrounded by farms and shrubs it was also the home of snakes and scorpions. This was the humble beginning of the Love and Care Children’s Home. Now we have more than 1000 children in our home with many branches across India. Our vision is to reach and aid 30,000 homeless and orphan children through Love and Care Children’s Home. The Lord’s ways are unpredictable yet always in the best interest of his children. The Lord sent a helping hand from France and made it possible to start the Love and Care Children’s Home and establish his will.

But Why India?

Because one third of India’s population is still living in poverty. The children from such adverse scenario, without a shelter witness rude demonstrations of hunger (for days together), abuse and illiteracy. Every child who is brought to Love and Care home has a heart rendering story to tell and through this website we share such stories with you.

The First Orphans

In 1995 John Arul, pastor of New Hope Power Assemblies of God church and founder of Love and Care 333 India Children’s Homes, was preaching in a village outside his home town of Madurai, South India. He passed by an old beggar sitting under a tree with two small girls of about 1 and 3 years. He gave the old man enough money for food for several days and continued on his way. He had not gone far when the Holy Spirit told him to go back.

He then discovered that the two small girls were the old man’s grandchildren and not only had their parents died, but also the old man’s wife. Only at this stage did the pastor realize that this man could only walk on his hands and knees. He told the pastor that he wasn’t able to care for his grandchildren. Pastor John Arul offered to take them and find them a home. He took them back to his own home where he and his wife lived in a 2 bedroom house with their 5 children. Word got about that Pastor Arul would take in homeless children and soon there were 13 visitors. At this stage his gracious wife said ‘enough’ and the first home was set up.

Love and Care Children’s Homes now accommodate nearly 1000 children in several homes. The first orphans are Nirmala and Chitra, now adults and are thankful for place they call home.