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Rev. Dr. John Arul (1957 – 2020)

Pastor- Leader- Apostle - Author

As a leader, Rev. Dr. J. J. Y. Arul was highly regarded for his boldness, vision, and compassion. As a Prominent minister, he was well respected for his passion for the cause of the Gospel and the service of the church, and for equipping young leaders. But at Home – in Madurai, Pastor Arul was most loved for being the ‘dad’– a spiritual father who loves God and people and took care of hundreds of orphaned and destitute children and adults. Pastor Arul pioneered 100 churches by personal involvement in different parts of India and in three different countries. He has travelled to over 43 countries to preach the Gospel.

He was the founder of Love and Care Ministries International Inc. He was the Senior Pastor of New Hope Power Assembly at Madurai, India, which he took over 29 years ago with 25 people in the congregation and grew to more than 2500 members in attendance. He was part of the Assembly of God (AG) Organization in Tamil Nadu from 1981 to 2013, During his time with AG, He served as the committee member for four years and Asst. Superintendent for one year. In July 2013, Pastor Arul left AG and founded an organization called South Indian Assemblies of God (now called Shalom Apostolic Assemblies of God) and served as the superintendent of the organization leading over 300 pastors and churches from various parts of India. He raised over 350 men and women to full-time ministry from the churches he planted and from the orphanages he has founded. A countless number of people from all over the world have received Christ as a personal savior through the direct ministries work of Pastor Arul.

Pastor Arul is also known as a prophet, evangelist, and good shepherd. He endured many trials for the sake of the Gospel. In 2007, God spoke to Pastor Arul to unite all the Pentecostal churches to aid against oppression, and threats Christians were facing all over India. He helped create the Synod of Pentecostal Churches (SPC) and establish a network of Pentecostal churches. Pastor Arul’s heart to serve his fellow pastors and leaders was evident in everything he undertook. At the time of his passing, he was serving as the treasurer of SPC. He also served as the President of the Council for Indian Christian minority Human Rights, Tamil Nadu.

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