Disaster Relief

Corona Virus Relief

Love and Care Ministries International, Inc has distributed disaster relief packages to 300 families weekly affected by Corona lockdown in Madurai, India, since the sudden decision to lockdown imposed by the government since March 2020 has left millions of daily wageworkers has shattered their fragile daily existence.

Corona Relief Hot Meals

Through the feed the hungry program, we provided hot meals to over 500 people suffering due to the lockdown. We safely packed nutritional food in go boxes and distributed them to people struck by poverty.

Seeking Help at our Church Office

Hundreds of people gather daily looking for help for food in front of the church office daily.

Praise God for the hope through Christ

“Nobody cared for me or took notice of me because I am disabled and poor. But God loves me, and through Pastor Arul, I learned about the love of God and how much he cares for me and my family”.- Khanjana