As an expression of God’s unconditional love for all people, especially vulnerable children, we serve alongside the poor and oppressed. We hope to live as followers of Christ by being active, visible bearers of God’s love.

Love and Care Ministries Int'l serves as the hands and feet of Christ in five main ways. Church Ministries, Sponsoring and educating missionaries to minister to people’s needs, helping orphan children, investing in community development, and helping families in need of care or during disasters.

Relying on God’s grace and Spirit, we affirm the truth of the gospel and our hope in Christ through our character, speech, actions, and in the signs of God’s power at work in individual lives, in the communities where we work, and in all creation.

Empowering communities out of poverty

Investing in children because every single one deserves a chance to succeed

Our Mission

Love and Care Ministries is an international partnership of people whose mission is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and promote human transformations by working with the needy and oppressed.

We pursue this mission through a unified commitment to:

Transformation of community, focused especially on the needs of children and the elderly.

Disaster Relief Program that assists people afflicted by conflict or disaster.

Promotion of Justice that seeks to change unjust structures affecting the poor among whom we work.

Helping local small churches to contribute to the spiritual and social transformation of the nation.

Partnership with the global Body of Christ.